Armor it all

Made some progress on the Jeep this week. Took the rear flares off in prep for getting the corner armor done. Looks weird.

I have all of the cage pieces out now and they are ready for powder coat. But it was bothering me that Rock Hard 4×4 doesn’t finish weld the overhead bar.

I decided to place a couple beads of weld material and grind it smooth. I like it much better. I also tapped the plate for a couple of speakers that will be mounted for the GMRS and the CB radios.

I needed to get the JCR Offroad rocker armor installed before making a template for the rest of the corner armor.

I had bought one of these nutsert tools by Smittybilt from 4 Wheel Parts. Well worth the money.

They aren’t as scary as I thought. LOL.

But no matter how hard I tried to get the nutserts in exactly the right spot, there were always a few that seemed out of place by just a hair. I used a tungsten carbide bit in a rotary tool to adjust the location of the hole in the armor. That bit makes a whole bunch of little tiny needles. They get everywhere. I then touched them up with some paint. All of the bolts had anti seize applied on them.

I put a patch of blue decal material behind the JCR logo to add a little accent.

I could then spend some time making a template for the extension of the corner armor. I ordered the steel and asked for them to bend the edges to match the AEV corner.

Lastly, I spend some time getting the JCR fender flares mounted (no pictures yet). The fronts are mounted, and the rears were mounted temporarily. I still have to wire up the front marker light and install the fender liners. The rears will go back on and come off repeatedly while I am fitting up the corner armor.

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