Almost Trail Ready

A little closer to being trail ready.

Got the rock sliders re-installed. The powder coater did a great job on the stuff that was blasted and coated.

The JCR Offroad Fender flares had also been installed – here’s your obligatory poser shot. 

I also installed these marker/turn signal lights in the flares.

These actually have three wires coming off of them. One ground and two for the LEDs. You would think the black wire was ground, but you’d be wrong. The White wire is ground, the Black wire is for the parking light and the Red wire is for the turn signal. The Jeep should be stock with this feature. I tied these wires straight into the front turn signal wires. The OEM marker light plug was removed. On the Jeep turn signal lights, the black wire is ground, the middle wire is park and the wire furthest from the black wire is the turn signal.

Finally, the JCR fender liners. I painted the mesh blue before installing it. These were a little challenge to install. You either need 10″ long fingers or a really long and crooked wrench.

Getting closer and more ready for Freak Fest daily.

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