DIY Corner Armor

Started woking on my corner armor. These started life as a set of AEV 2-door corners. I picked these up for a STEAL.

I would have started with 2 door builder blanks, but AEV doesn’t make them anymore. Nobody makes a 2 door corner that I like. What I like about the AEV version is they have that nice bend at the top of the armor, plus they cover the hinges as well. Rumor has it that Poison Spyder will be making something similar for a 2 door, but I am not holding my breath.

I knew I was going to modify them, so I had them media blasted to bare steel.

I had already busted a tail light on a tree, so I knew I wanted some kind of protection. I needed to figure out what to do about the tail lights. I had bounced around a few ideas, including filling in the opening in the AEV corner, but since it was a compound curve, it would have been very challenging to say the least.

Warrior Products makes a steel tail light replacement for the JK that I thought might be a good start.

I contacted the company and they agreed to let me buy a set BEFORE it went to powder coat. Saves me the hassle. And I also wanted them completely blank.

They line up pretty good with the AEV corners. I’d have to fill in a bit of a gap, depending on how these ultimately fit.

I got started by trying to see just where the steel tail light housing should meet the corner armor. Turns out my original assumption was backwards, the gap that would need filled would be on the inside and not the outside.

Once I welded in a small piece of filler and ground it smooth, I had to do some adjusting on the fitment of the tail light housing. Took my time grind away little bits here and there. When I liked how they sat, I tacked them in place.

I need more practice with the MIG welder before I feel comfortable enough to finish weld these in place. Since the welds will be as they end up, I want to be a little better.

I also intend to extend the steel down the side of the Jeep to the rear of the door. I need to find someone local that can recreate the bend at the top of the new steel.

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