Bumpers, Lights and Fuses. Oh, My!

A few updates over the last week or so.

Got the rear bumper and tire carrier back on. Replaced some of the hardware. I also replaced the bearings and the oil seal in the tire carrier spindle. For what they cost, why not.

I also mounted my DIY license plate bracket. It removes very easily so the spare can be taken off if needed.

I also got the roll bar padding back on and the Spider Webshade back on (no photos).

Ran the wires from the GMRS radio down the middle of the cage. The power leads run behind the glove box. I wanted to put a fuse panel back there, so I made this bracket from some plate I had in the scrap bin.

Took some of the sheet metal I had cut out of my hood when I put in the louvers and mounted the CB and USB power supply to it.

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Tucks up nice and neat out of the way. And the glove box still fits!

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