Still runs hot

Took the Jeep to the dealer. I still think it runs too hot. Plus I had some passenger side airbag recall. They replaced the thermostat (it was leaking). But on the drive home, the coolant temp was still higher than I think it should be. I think I am going to have to replace the radiator or something. I suspect it is caked with mud.

235* at 30 MPH just makes NO sense.

Summer Top

I bought a new soft top combo from Quadratec. It’s the Master Top summer combo. Comes with a bikini top, a wind jammer and a tonneau cover. I think I am going to like having this on better than the factory soft top.

Although I might have to make some other changes. This limits me from using my Tuffy Security Deck enclosure. The jury is still out on this.


Time to get the rest of this Moab dust out of the Jeep. I decided to take everything out, including the seats, and give it all a good cleaning.

Money Well Spent

Well, buying that TPMS setup for the trailer has paid off in spades. But this isn’t even the first tire issue I have had.

Not more than 45 minutes from home, the alarm started going off. Yup, flat tire. There I was, on the side of the freeway, trying to change a flat tire on a trailer. To make matters worse, I couldn’t get the spare off. The lug bolt holding it onto the bracket was stripped and it was just spinning. After a lot of persuasion, it finally came off and I was able to change the tire. I found a spare somewhere in Indiana. I also bought a second spare just in case.

The alarm went off again in Kansas. Another flat. While changing it, I see the tire next to it has a screw in it. Good grief.

Got that one changed as well. So I now had one good spare and one with a screw in it. The drive home is going to be a blast!

Tailgate Table

My friend Rob sold me his M-PAC Springtail tailgate table. I have been wanting one for a while. I used to have a Smittybilt MOLLE. panel on here, but I never really liked it. I’ve been wanting a table for quite some time now.

I attached the table using nutcerts. A much better option than the little plastic clips they give you. The old panel was attached with some screws, which left some holes. I sanded the paint around them and used a little body filler and some factory matched paint to hide the old holes. Not 100% perfect, but you can’t tell they were even there unless you look for them.

Black Friday

Took advantage of a Black Friday sale and bought Teraflex Big Rotor kits for the front a rear. I never felt like I had as much holding power as I would like when on steep rocks. Plus, this will help when I go to 37″ tires at some point.

JKS Quicker Disconnects

I won a gift certificate at Freak Fest this year from JKS. I used it to buy a set of sway bar disconnects. I do like these a lot better than the Rock Krawler. Much easter to remove than having to zip tie them out of the way.


USB Ports

The only thing I ever plugged into the 12v lighter plug in the Jeep was a USB adapter. Occasionally a inverter, but almost never. I ordered this from Amazon and wired it in with a fuse. This one has a voltage meter on it as well.

Fuel to spare

On the way to Moab, TJ and I almost ran out of gas in the truck. LOL. Luckily, I had brought with us a 5 gallon gas can that was partially full. But it was merely strapped to the trailer with a bungie.

Bought this 3 gallon Rotopax can on a blemish sale and mounted it to the trailer. Much more secure and a little piece of mind.