Been doing more things around the house and just haven’t had a ton of time to work on the Jeep. I’m behind on so many projects.

I did manage to get some stuff done today, with the help of my friend TJ. My stock cross member was in pretty bad shape. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but there’s some serious dents and damage there. That thing is a bit of a joke. Ordered a new one from JCR Offroad.

Not only is the JCR cross member made out of thicker material, and it’s welded all the way around, the put reinforcements on the inside of the box to give it some additional strength. It was an extremely easy install, overall. Much easier than I had expected.

Plus, I got a great deal on a JCR Offroad engine/transmission/exhaust loop skid from a JK Freaks forum member. I had to clean up the rust on it and repaint it, but I like this color better. 

I had an engine skid on it before, but the JCR design is so much sturdier. The brackets that hang from the engine mounts look like it would take a brick of C4 to bend them. 

While I was at it, I installed an aftermarket gas tank skid as well I picked up a while back. My stock “skid” was in really bad shape. I guess I need to pick better lines.

The only real issue we had during the install was getting the stock gas tank skid bolt holes to line up with the ones in the cross member. Not sure if the cross member was off, or the stock skid shifted. I only had a half tank of gas, but that might have been enough of it to shift a little. Plus, it was so bent near the front, that it mad have changed shape. Nothing a die grinder and grinding stone can’t fix. I also painted over the rust spots on the stock skid before installing the aftermarket skid.

I did cut off the ears of the stock transfer case skid so it would fit flat under the engine skid. At some point, I’ll replace it with something that covers more. I like the idea of a flat belly.

It’s too bad I almost have to driving over top of you to see these logos. 

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