Haven’t added much to the Jeep lately, besides some off road mud. 😉

I bought a Synergy drag link from Rob about a year ago and still hadn’t put it on the Jeep. Then I won a Rebel Offroad gift certificate at Freak Fest, so I used it as part payment for a Synergy tie rod.

I was going to hold off on installing these until I pulled the trigger on hydro assist, but I may be back burnering hydro, so I went ahead and installed them this weekend.

When I put my Rubicon axle in, I also put in this steering stabilizer flip bracket.

For some reason, with this tie rod, the angle seems awful steep. I thought about building my own bracket, but all I had in 3/16 was some rusty scrap metal. I could have cleaned it up, but got this to “work.” I may revisit this mount in the near future if I don’t get hydro installed this year. I don’t really “need” hydro since my tires are barely 34.5″, but it would relieve a lot of stress on the rest of the steering components.

I couldn’t mount the tie rod end of the SS to the top of the bracket, which is what I would have preferred. No way to get it straight enough to go on the bolt of the Synergy bracket. Speaking of which, the bolt on the new bracket was bigger than the bushing in the SS and I had used a 1/2″ drill and reamed out the bushing.

Took some time and measured the front alignment, I think I have the TR at the right length. About 3/32″ of toe in should be good. I really like the double adjuster on these components. Makes adjusting very easy. Just need to make sure to keep them as rust free as I can so they will continue to be adjustable. 

Oh, and about a week or so ago, I replaced the driver’s front wheel speed sensor.

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