My best and favorite mod

I was recently asked this question:

So even though with every Jeep build there is always one more thing after that one more thing that is added. But from a new Jeep owner to a experienced one, what would be your words of advice & your best & favorite mod?

I’m not sure just how experienced I am. But, these are good questions. Each mod has its own purpose, and to isolate most of them individually would be almost futile. But I’ll try and answer them in reverse order.

My favorite mod, today, is the one I had the most hand in creating, my corner armor. And I hope I don’t need to use it. 

 It’s only my favorite because I built it (well, cobbled together some parts someone else made – lol) and I think I did an OK job. I’d love to go back and change a few things. Someday.

Best mod? Hmmm. Depends on perspective. I might say the trail cage if I was talking about safety. But then I might say the winch if I’m talking about recovery. I can’t really say what one is the “best.” Maybe the lift since it gives me the flexibility I want for the kind of wheeling I like.

Words of advice – take your time. You don’t need to rush into anything. Unless you have buckets full of cash to buy the most expensive stuff and then replace it when it doesn’t satisfy you – don’t go out and buy that widget too fast. Wheel your Jeep the way it is. Find out what you WANT to do and then work your way into it. Learn things, like, there is NO SUCH THING as a complete lift “kit” and changing any aspect of your suspension will affect every other aspect. Ask questions and expect competing opinions. There is nothing wrong with civil disagreement.

If you look at this thread, you’ll see I started as a novice (still am, sorta) and I wheeled on 33″ tires and a budget boost. I hate mud, love rocks, so I new I wanted a high articulating lift. I drive it every day, a mud terrain tire would be noisy and uncomfortable. 

But most importantly, keep these two things at the forefront of every decision you make

1. Safety. Make sure what you are doing is safe and won’t cause problems.
2. It’s your Jeep.

Build it the way YOU want to build it and anyone that gives you grief about it can screw off. If you want a mall crawler, build one. You want a show Jeep, build it. You want something that looks pretty good and can crawl, build it and wash it every week. You want to rip the carpet out, throw away the top and let the mud dry on the seats – go for it. 

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