Firewood Rack

Firewood Rack

We had a large maple tree removed from our backyard recently. The tree was in bad shape and we felt it was a good time to have it removed. I asked the crew to cut up and leave one of the large limbs so I could split it for firwood to be burned in our fire pit.

I wanted to keep it dry while it seasoned, so I designed and built this firewood rack. It was a simple project, and the first time I decided to record building something just for YouTube.

Jessi Combs 1980-2019

I had the pleasure of meeting Jessi on a couple of occasions in Moab, UT. She was super nice and took the time to answer some of my questions about her race car. Jessi was the real deal, no doubt about it. She was one of the pretty faces on TV that actually knew what the hell she was talking about.

Jessi was killed trying to beat her land speed record. She already held that record at 398 mph. The off road, fabricating world lost a real bad ass.

1942 Ford GPW

I went to a car show today representing the Lake Humane Society and saw this beauty.

Talked with the owner a bit. A 1942 Ford GPW, mostly original. He enjoys military re-enactment, so making this a show car is not something he is interested in.

Lots of great old cars to see.

I spy with my little eye, a mule!

Trailer accessories

Added a couple accessories to the trailer.

I installed this wireless backup camera. It’ll work OK for the trip, but I think I am going to move it further towards the truck. I can’t see the edges of the trailer. I especially want this for when I am backing up, but it’ll come in handy as a rear view mirror as well.

I also added TPMS sensors. I got a flat tire last year in western Colorado and we didn’t notice it until after the tire was destroyed. Hopefully, this will prevent that from happening again.

Flat Fenders!

Went to a Willys Flat Fender get together. Saw a lot of really cool, old, Jeeps. I am hoping to build a WWII era Jeep someday. I want to make it a project. I have no idea where to start, I am hoping I get some ideas from these pictures.

What is that rattle?

I’ve had this rattle coming from the back of the Jeep for a little while. Couldn’t figure out what it was.

Turns out the fasteners that hold the heat shield for the muffler in place rusted and it was up there, sitting on the muffler itself, rattling.

Problem solved.

A Tree Grows in My Wheel?

Happens more often than you would think. With the tires aired down so low, branches on the ground can sometimes get wedged in the rim of one of my tires. The solution is simple, just jack it up, take all the air out, and I can dig it out with a blunt screwdriver.