Much more betterer

Picked up some of the parts from the powder coater. They look factory fresh! They were media blasted and then coating with a zinc rich primer first, and then top coated with a layer of textured black.

The rock sliders were the worst of the bunch. All that salty slush that sat on them last winter just ate away at them. I’m doing things differently this winter. I’ve actually considered taking the steel off again in the fall and storing it in the basement. I wish I didn’t feel like I have to resort to such measures.

They screwed up on the rear bumper and tire carrier a bit. Even though it was clearly marked in photographs, and I masked these areas with blue tape, they powder coated part of the spindle and the machined bearing races in the carrier. Ugh. They’re fixing it, which means I have to make yet another 45 minute drive each way to pick them up.

I can’t wait to get this all (and more) back on the Jeep.



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