Just hangin’ around

Took it to Southington for a dry-run. Everything seems to work as planned. I didn’t go too rough on any trails. Just enough to see how the lockers were working – and they did great! Can’t wait to push it even more.

The paranoid part of me was feeling a slight vibration at around 65 Mph after installing the lengthened driveshaft with the conversion u-joint on it. So I took it off and took it back to Cleveland Clutch. They rebalanced the shaft. Put it back in and I still feel the same, very slight, vibration. It may just be in my head, or it could be something else. Not sure. The front pinion angle looks OK, but I don’t have an accurate enough angle finder to trust it. I know it should be a couple degrees off from center, and my bubble gauge seems to read just that. It’s a double cardan joint at the t-case, so I know that input/output angles do not need to match. My mechanic seems to think that it’s OK. It could be a tire ever so slightly out of balance, pinion bearing, or my imagination.

Leaving for Tennessee on the 27th. If my t-case doesn’t explode, I guess I’m OK. 

I finally installed my Ace Engineering door hangers I bought last July. These things are really nice. I mounted a couple of sections of 2×12 to a couple of the studs, then mounted pieces of 2×4 to them vertically. I lagged the hanger into the 2×4’s. Without the 2×4’s I wouldn’t be able to flatten the doors against the wall without the mirrors hitting. They’re pretty much going to stay here 90% of the summer. For longer trips, the doors go back on. The soft doors are too damn noisy.

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