GoPro Power

Getting ready to head to Tennessee for the first Jeep Jamboree of this year. This will be my third Jamboree and I have 2 others scheduled this year.

My wife bought be a GoPro for Christmas a while back so I could video my trips. I have a few batteries and typically use an app on my tablet or my phone to monitor the video and to start and stop. But the bluetooth/wifi connection drains the batteries pretty fast, so I wanted to get something that was wired in and waterproof.

Put a water proof USB port under the hood. This is meant for a motorcycle, but works for Jeeps, too. 

Also bought a waterproof back for the GoPro case that has a connector for a wire that plugs into the back of the camera where the LCD screen would normally plug in. This provides power to the GoPro. Set up some connectors for the window mount.

Also made a setup for the front bull bar. I used a handle bar mount my son bought me for Christmas last year, plus a BUNCH of connectors to get the GoPro horizontal again. 

All of that setup, I can run the GoPro app on the tablet in the upper console location.

Can’t wait to get some good video this year!

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