Black Friday is Coming!

Here are the items I hope to be getting soon for this project. I still have at least a few weeks before they can go to Ringer’s.

* Artec Front Axle Truss
* Artec Front LCA Skids
* Artec Front Track Bar Bracket

It may be that the rear LCAs are going to be OK. I’m going to take some measurements tonight. If not:

* Artec Rear LCA Mounts w/Skids
* Artec Rear Track Bar Bracket (if needed)

Once all the welding is complete, I’ll be adding these:

* Ten Factory Rear Axle Shafts (complete)
* Synergy HD Ball Joints
* Synergy HD Tie Rod

I’ve considered adding the Synergy drag link, but I’m going to stick with the EVO flip that I already have on this axle. I will eventually replace it as well as their sector shaft brace.

If I see an awesome Black Friday deal on the shafts and/or Synergy items, I’ll get them at the same time. If not, they can wait until early January.

I’m hoping my front drive shaft will be OK. I have to remove the flange adapter and have it re-balanced, plus pick up some U-Bolts to attach it to the front yoke. Adams Driveshaft is asking for some post-install pictures and they will tell me if the shaft will be long enough. If not, it’s $125 plus shipping to have it sized.

I want to avoid needing a new rear shaft – why fix it if it ain’t broke. Ideally, I need to find a stock rear flange and replace the yoke that’s on there now. Then I’ll be able to use my stock drive shaft on the rear. It’ll get replaced, just not now.

I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do for a rust preventative. I’ve been leaning toward Rust Bullet. But I will likely have to wait until I all of the welding is done. Apparently Rust Bullet has to be sanded in order to top coat it if it has been more than 6 hours. I’ve also looked at Miracle Paint and POR-15. Both are good products, but Rust Bullet is UV safe.

I’m hoping that by early February, or sooner, this will all be ready to go on the Jeep. Can’t wait!

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