Rear LCA Skids

I went back and forth on what control arm skids to buy. I had decided on a set from one manufacturer, ordered them with the promise I would have them before the Friday before a wheeling trip to SOR. Not only did they not arrive, but the manufacturer lied to me in the process. I didn’t even open the box. Sent them back.

I ordered a set of Off Road Evolution EVO Rock Star Skids and a set of Artec front weld-on skids.

I installed the Rock Stars in my driveway. It was the first time I made such a permanent modification to the Jeep. The Rock Star skids raise the shock mount up 1.5″ (added ground clearance – yay!) but requires you to cut off the lower 1.5″ of the control arm bracket.

The first one took a while – probably more so because I needed to build up the guts to take a sawsall to the bracket. One thing I did find out, was that the rear control arm won’t go back in unless the axel is at normal ride height. If the axel is drooped at all, it won’t go into the frame side bracket.

BUT, not only do I get another 1.5″ of ground clearance, but another 1.5″ of rear droop!

The original bracket unaltered:

After cutting off the bottom of the bracket, the shock mount and the sway bar link tab:

After grinding off the old welds:

The finished product:

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