Compressor Rebuild Part 1

I saw this old compressor on Fakebook marketplace and when I went to go buy it, the seller just gave it to me. That was a clue that it needed work.

It appears to be an old Sears single stage compressor, probably maxes out at 135psi. But it had a 3 horsepower motor attached to it that ran off 220v, so it should have some guts to it. I put a plug on it and the motor ran great and the tank held air. It wouldn’t shut off, so I ordered a new pressure control switch.

But the thing was covered in oil. I was sure it needed new seals and gaskets. When I drained the air, the tank had some pretty rusty water in it and there was oil in the water. Another sign that there was a bad piston seal. I went ahead ordered new gaskets and piston seals. I also needed to order new flapper valve plates. Once I got it apart, one of them was broken. I started cleaning some of it. I wish I had a parts washer, it would make this a lot easier.

So far, I only have about $100 into it for the parts I ordered. I shouldn’t need anything else. I’ll clean up the tank and give it a fresh coat of paint. If it all goes back together, I’ll use this as my shop compressor and hook it into some permanent piping with outlets around the walls.

Workshop Layout

Spent some time in SketchUp trying to figure out a workshop layout. It’s amazing how small this space becomes when you start filling it full of stuff. This will also help me figure out where I need outlets.

I know I want a large work table, 4′ x 8′. Big enough for some pretty large projects. I want to build into it a flip top to hade a surface planer, as well as a build in router table.

I also wanted room for a small 2′ x 4′ welding table and my welder. Add in the table saw and a miter saw station, and it gets pretty cramped. Everything including the drill press and band saw will be on movable bases. If I need more room, I can always move other pieces out of the way. The work table, table saw, miter saw table, welding table and band saw table will all be at the same height.

This is laid out in winter mode, when the Jeep would be parked in the shop. When the Jeep isn’t in here, I can move the three large tool boxes against the wall.

I’m sure I’ll stare at this for a while and make more changes. I started this to try and figure out what kind of shelves I needed to get for storage. But at this point, I have no room for shelves. Eeek! I need a bigger shop. LOL!

1942 Ford GPW

I went to a car show today representing the Lake Humane Society and saw this beauty.

Talked with the owner a bit. A 1942 Ford GPW, mostly original. He enjoys military re-enactment, so making this a show car is not something he is interested in.

Lots of great old cars to see.

I spy with my little eye, a mule!

Still runs hot

Took the Jeep to the dealer. I still think it runs too hot. Plus I had some passenger side airbag recall. They replaced the thermostat (it was leaking). But on the drive home, the coolant temp was still higher than I think it should be. I think I am going to have to replace the radiator or something. I suspect it is caked with mud.

235* at 30 MPH just makes NO sense.

Summer Top

I bought a new soft top combo from Quadratec. It’s the Master Top summer combo. Comes with a bikini top, a wind jammer and a tonneau cover. I think I am going to like having this on better than the factory soft top.

Although I might have to make some other changes. This limits me from using my Tuffy Security Deck enclosure. The jury is still out on this.

Putting it back together

The Jeep is clean-ish. I have my seal press and my case spreader. Time to get the seals pressed in, the locker back in the differential, axles back in, brakes and wheels, and get this Jeep rolling again!

Drives great. No leaks. No weird noises. No new ones anyway. Looking forward to driving this all summer long.

Moving dirt

The concrete contractor was able to come by today and level out the dirt we removed when building the shop foundation. Going to get grass planted before it starts to rain later.