Spent a bunch of time working on the workshop soffit and fascia. I am using a product called MiraTEC. It is man made and is rot and moisture resistant. It cuts really nice. I took my time measuring and setting the angles so the miters would line up just right. I like how it is turning out.

Flat Fender Reunion

I went out to Aurora, OH today to a Willys Flat Fender reunion. Some really nice specimens out there. I especially liked the restored trucks. If I could own one like the blue one, I would drive it every day I could.

Axle Seals Part 1

Time to break down and start looking at replacing the front axle seals.

One of the new tools arrived recently, a case spreader. From past experience, I know that the front locker will not come out easily, or go back in at all, without the use of a case spreader. I couldn’t find where to rent one from, so I bought one off the eBays.

I wish I had bought one years ago.

The process removing the old seals is simple. Insert a piece of conduit into the axle tube and smack it out. Putting it back in, is a different story. I wanted to use a proper seal press. Buying one was only around $100. But making one would be more fun. I designed this in Fusion 360.

CV joints

I started taking apart the CV joints. I need to use a brass punch (so I don’t dent the steel – the brass is softer) and manipulate the joint to get all the ball bearing out. Once out, the internal race can be removed and the joint cleaned out.

The axles are making a clicking noise while in 4WD and at full lock. Rebuilding the joints was the easiest option to seeing if it is the problem. If the clicking remains, at least I know the joints are in perfect order.


Spent some time, with the wife’s help, in getting the soffits framed out, and finished with fiber cement board.

Front axle rebuild

Time to take care of the front axle. There has been a leak on the passenger side from the internal seals. Plus, I want to rebuild the CV joints in the axle shafts. I’m still going to need a couple tools, but I might as well start taking it apart.

Moab stays with you

You can take the Jeep out of Moab, but it’s really, really hard to get all this Moab dust out of your Jeep. It’s good to be home, but I am not looking forward to cleaning this.

SV Seeker

Once of the things I really wanted to do on the way home was to pass through Tulsa, OK and stop and see the SV Seeker. SV Seeker is a 74′ steel hulled sailing vessel being scratch built by Doug Jackson in the front yard of his house. Yes from scratch, from flat steel, folded into a hull.

The thing is huge! And Doug was nice enough to let me stop by and get a tour. His cameras were running while he was trying to fix an air compressor, so who knows, maybe I’ll end up in one of this YouTube videos.

We could be twins!