South Bend Lathe Restoration – Start to Finish

I took clips from the videos that I recorded while restoring this 13″ South Bend Lathe built in 1941 and strung them together to show an example of the whole process. I had a lot of fun doing this restoration. There were some frustrating moments, but it feels good to have to “done.” Of course, for me, it’ll never really be done. There is more I could do to improve the lathe, such as having the ways ground and then scraping the saddle, but those things will have to wait. On to other projects!

Full videos:
Part 1 – Unloading
Part 2 – Tailstock
Part 3 – Three Jaw Chuck
Part 4 – Thread Chasing Dial
Part 5 – Compound Disassembly
Part 6 – Cross Slide Disassembly
Part 7 – Gear Train Disassembly
Part 8 – Gear Box Disassembly
Part 9 – Apron Disassembly
Part 10 – Headstock Disassembly
Part 11 – Bed, Legs, Motor and Chip Pan Disassembly
Part 12 – Motor and Bed Assembly
Part 13 – Saddle, Cross Slide and Compound Assembly
Part 14 – Gear Box Assembly
Part 15 – Headstock Assembly
Part 16 – Apron Assembly
Part 17 – Motor Wiring
Part 18 – Primary Gear Train

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