Paint and gutters

Now that the siding is complete (finished that off after the electric service was finished) it’s now time to paint.

I used paint from Sherwin Williams that matched what was on the rest of the house. When the house was last remodeled and painted, the remaining paint was left in the basement. This helped, since I felt I could get the most accurate paint match.

I started with the trim, soffit and fascia. I rolled it on for the soffit and fascia, and then brushed in the cut in and the trim. Two coats later and it looks great.

After that dried for about a day, I did the cut in for the main color.

I also painted above the doors and windows. There’s only about 550 square feet of wall, but an airless sprayer will make this a lot smoother and even coat. I had picked up one of these cheap ones from Harbor Freight a number of years ago and it has worked perfectly before.

This time was no exception. I got the first coat done in less than 2 hours, including setup and clean up.

I did manage to get a little overspray on the soffit. That cleaned up easy enough with some touch up paint.

I waited a couple days to put on the second coat and remove the plastic and tape. Second coat took about an hour and a half, including cleanup. I did need to do a little touch up on the white where there was some overspray, but that only took about 30 minutes. The feed for the electrical service seems to disappear. Once we get this landscaped, you’ll never notice it.

The last thing I need to do is install the gutters. Again, I bought all of the components from Menard’s. The gutters came in 10′ sections and was just a matter of snapping an appropriate slope line, using some seam sealer and screwing it into the fascia.

The downspouts run into an underground drainage system that comes out in the yard, keeping the majority of the water away from the building.

I can finally take a break from working on the shop. I am done until next year when I figure out all the electrical requirements.

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