More heat …

Well, another 90 minutes, and another 1/2 bottle of MAP gas (not really, it just felt that way) and the other side is done!

The top one came out fairly quickly, less than 10 minutes. The bottom, as expected, was MUCH more difficult. I had to heat it up repeatedly. Got out the wire wheel and cleaned all of the rust off of the top of the joint and the adjacent C. Even used a little Pb Blaster after the heat, and then applied more heat. I’m wondering if that didn’t help more than I think.

I’ve helped do ball joints a couple times before, and by far, these were the most difficult. I’m sure there are quite a few factors that went into that.

I also completely removed the rear shafts. Hoping to take these to a drive line shop on Saturday to have them checked out and anything I can make it easier, and less labor, and cheaper, I’m going to do.

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