Well this just happened

Dave, a member of the JK Freaks forum, contacted me when he read a post I made about my plans for a front D44. He just replaced his Rubicon axles and offered them to me at a deal too good to pass up.

They both have the factory Rubicon locker but have been re-geared to 4.88. I had only planned on going to 4.56, but this gives me the option of 37″ tires, should I dare to venture there.

The front has RCV axle shafts. The rear, stock shafts, but those will get replaced with G2’s or Ten Factory. They both have aftermarket pinion yokes, which may necessitate a new rear shaft and some changes to my 1 month old Adams drive shaft on the front.

This will take some work. Both were set up for coil-overs, and have been modified. I have no desire to run coil-overs at this time, however. The rear LCA brackets have been completely removed and will need to be replaced. They have some surface rust. Nothing a wire wheel and some Rust Bullet can’t cure.

I’m looking forward to this. It’s gonna be great! Hoping to have this done by March 2016. Cross your fingers!

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