Controlling all the things

I’ve been wanting to add some lights to the Jeep, and love the idea of the sPOD. But it’s just not in my budget. I like to make things, so over the last 5 or 6 months, I have been collecting parts, ordering stuff from eBay and Amazon and built my own box to hold the relays and fuses. I mounted it in the engine compartment on some homemade brackets from some scrap steel I had (I love having my own welder, even if my welding sucks!).

I have enough room for 5 relays, which is the same size as the switch panel I picked up (Daystar) and some OTRATTW switches. The bumper and windshield lights operate as normal. The Rock Lights and Rear Lights are a three way switch. When in the center, they are off. When up, they are on. When down, they are controlled by either the dome light or the reverse lights.

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