Auto Start

Haven’t done much with the Jeep since it’s been cold up in these parts. So cold that I got tired of either jumping in a cold Jeep in the morning, or running out to start it, run back in to wait for it to warm up. I bought a remote start from Amazon.

This one came pre programmed for a Jeep Wrangler and included a range extender.

I had actually “installed” this a couple weeks ago. When I first got it, I plugged it in, programmed it for my key, and just left all the wires hanging there. I didn’t care. I was tired of being cold. 

 It took all of 10 minutes. After being sick for a week and dealing with Snowmagedon 2.5, I didn’t have time to finish the install.

Today, I spent a couple of hours zip tied everything up and ran wires from the unit to the wires under the fuse box for the parking lights. When the remote starter is active, it turns on the parking lights. I also mounted the antenna for the range extender to the windshield.

The range extender isn’t necessary, as pushing the lock button on the FOB three times activates the starter. I’m just out of range of that from my second floor office to the parking lot, thus the need for the range extender.

Considering I spent $150 on this, I give it very high marks. A Mopar unit is $225, plus you still need to have a dealer flash your computer (add another $100). So for less than half of “stock” this is way worth it.

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