New shoes!

Time to upgrade the tires! I got tired of getting stuck in situations that friends with 35″ tires were able to get through.

A fellow Jeep owner was selling his 35″ Duratracs and his wheels. I only wanted the tires, but another friend (Matt) wanted the wheels. So we all met up at Discount Tire to have the seller’s new wheels and tires installed and his old ones unmounted. The seller’s original wheels would go on Matt’s Jeep with his new 37″ tires and the Duratracs would go on my Jeep with my Rugged Ridge wheels. It made more sense to make an appointment and have them do it all at once.

It was a loooooonnnnnnggggg day.

7 hours after our appointment time, they finally got us in the bays.

I won’t go into a lot of detail on how bad of a day this was. Let’s just say it is highly unlikely that I will be going to Discount Tire again anytime soon. I felt like they lied to us and tried to cover up their mismanagement. We had an appointment, but they placed us in the computer as a walk-in so it wouldn’t be reflected on performance evaluations on how long appointment holders wait.

I like the way they looked, though, once installed.

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