New Compressor Project

A good friend of mine, Andy, had this 60 gallon/175 psi air compressor for about 10 years when he bought it used. 5 years ago, he rebuilt the pump because it wasn’t delivering air at the expected rate. Its seen some heavy use and is running a bit tired again, so he ended up buying a new one and asked me if I would want to have the old one as a project.

Of course! I enjoy working on things like this. So later today, I plan on running some tests and calculate the pumps SCFM to see just how far it is off at its rated capacity.

I had just finished rebuilding this much older 30 gallon / 125 psi compressor. It still has a very small air leak, that I can hear, I just haven’t found it yet.

I have a few thoughts on what I might do with these. I have considered just piping the two tanks together and run them off the smaller, working, pump. That would give me 90 gallons of air at 125 psi. I do, however, worry about how much the old pump can really keep up and if that would put too much of a strain on the motor.

Once I figure out just how bad the old pump is, and what it will take to fix it, I’ll know what my options could be. Maybe I’ll just turn it into a 60 gallon smoker!

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