Workshop Siding Update

I picked up about 2,000 pounds of fiber cement siding for the workshop. It’s not as thick as the cedar siding on the rest of the garage and house, but it shouldn’t be that noticeable. Plus, it’s fire resistant. It’s nice having this trailer. It saved me from having to pay a $50 deliver fee.

Once the first row was up (with the help of my wife) the rest of it is pretty much a one person job. I used a set of the Gecko Gauges from Amazon to hold up the next piece. You slide them under the last row and clamp them down. They are calibrated to the exposure you want on the siding (in my case, 8″) and provides a little shelf. Cutting this stuff is super dusty. Wear a respirator.

Each 12 foot section weight about 22 pounds and they are very bendy and can break if not handled in the vertical orientation. But once I got going, it went pretty well.

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