A Tree Grows in My Wheel?

Happens more often than you would think. With the tires aired down so low, branches on the ground can sometimes get wedged in the rim of one of my tires. The solution is simple, just jack it up, take all the air out, and I can dig it out with a blunt screwdriver.

Torch Cart

I bought oxy-acetylene setup off Craigslist. This thing must have been sitting in 2 inches of water for a while. The cart was toast.

I had a 2 wheel dolly that I didn’t use very often that would make a perfect cart for this. I bought some sheet steel and made a new cart based on one I saw on YouTube.

JKS Quicker Disconnects

I won a gift certificate at Freak Fest this year from JKS. I used it to buy a set of sway bar disconnects. I do like these a lot better than the Rock Krawler. Much easter to remove than having to zip tie them out of the way.


USB Ports

The only thing I ever plugged into the 12v lighter plug in the Jeep was a USB adapter. Occasionally a inverter, but almost never. I ordered this from Amazon and wired it in with a fuse. This one has a voltage meter on it as well.

Workshop Dreams

One of the reasons we bought this house was because it had room for expansion. Our lot is roughly .7 acres. Having a 2 stall garage is great, but having a big workshop would be even better. Adding a workshop plus a garage with a lift would be quite an undertaking.

I’m thinking I could start with just the workshop.

I was curious just how much room in the yard it would take, so I mapped it out with some fencing.

I could see this working. I was originally wanting to make this part a little smaller, but the wife wanted the BIG part of the shop further away from the house. Plus, I wanted it wide enough that I could store the Mule in the shop over the winter. So this plan is 34 feet deep and 17 feet wide.

Clean behind your ears!

I’m sure all of our mothers harped on us to clean behind our ears. Decided to remove some of the armor on the Jeep and clean behind it. Dirt can get back there and it’ll act as an abrasive and wear the paint. Lose too much paint, and I’d be inviting rust.

Freak Fest 2018

Took the Jeep out to Rausch Creek for Freak Fest 2018. I was a guide this year, so I don’t have many pictures. It was foggy and a bit rainy. Which means we had some mud, but still had a lot of fun!