Renovating a Bridgeport Milling Machine – Start to Finish

Clips from the previous videos I made on the teardown and rebuild of my Series 1, 2HP Variable Speed Bridgeport Milling Machine.

Part 1 – Plan of Attack –
Part 2 – Disassemble Table, Saddle and Knee –
Part 3 – Installing the Knee –
Part 4 – Bijur One Shot Lube –
Part 5 – Installing Saddle and Oil Lines –
Part 6 – Installing the Table –
Part 7 – Disassemble the 6F Power Feed –
Part 8 – Assembling the 6F Power Feed –
Part 9 – 6F Power Feed Electronics –
Part 10 – Building a Bench Bracket –
Part 11 – Disassemble Top End –
Part 12 – Disassemble the Quill Housing –
Part 13 – Assembling the Quill Housing –
Part 14 – Assembling the Top End –
Part 15 – Turret, Ram and Putting it Back Together –

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Just the Tip

Some friends and I took a short trip down to Rush, KY to try out an off road park down there. To say the day was a disappointment would be an understatement. I was bored out of my mind! Almost every trail was nothing more than a two-track dirt road, with an occasional mud hole (I hate mud). The only excitement for the day was when I felt like I was going to roll my Jeep (I wasn’t, but it sure felt like it) and this very steep decent, that we dubbed “The Tip”. Just “The Tip” 😉

I left after the first day and went home. The others stuck around and ran the only other worthwhile trail – Rankins Ravine. In hindsight, I wish I had stuck around and ran that one – looks to have been very challenging and fun. But I won’t make that drive just to run one trail. One and done. I won’t be back. On to the next adventure!

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Simple Milling Vice Restoration

I’ve had this “Kurt style” milling vise for a while and want to clean it up and put it to use. I try to explain the whys of how I do simple restorations/rehabs on things like these. This is not a “rebuild” – more of an inspection and clean up.

Removing and disassembling the K&T 2HL Motor

Dropped my rear passenger tire into a crevice. Thought for sure I was going to flop onto that side. Thank goodness for friends.

For the 1k subs giveaway, I download all of the comments on the original video, loaded those into a spreadsheet and numbered them from 1 to 40. I then used a random number generator to select each recipient. I replied to the comment to each one selected.

However, I have yet to hear back from the person selected for the Mag Base. If I don’t hear back from them by 1-June-2022, I will select someone else.

Another New Machine for the Shop!

I bought this machine by accident, sort of. I’ve been fascinated by shapers ever since I saw Adam Booth’s video series on his big shaper. I’ve never owned one, or even seen one operate, but when a good deal is too good to pass up, you don’t pass it up!

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1,000 Subscribers!

To celebrate reaching the 1,000 subscriber milestone, I am conducting a subscriber giveaway. Six subscribers will be chosen. Details are in the video.

Special thanks to Shars Tool for providing a couple of the items.