Freak Fest 2018

Took the Jeep out to Rausch Creek for Freak Fest 2018. I was a guide this year, so I don’t have many pictures. It was foggy and a bit rainy. Which means we had some mud, but still had a lot of fun!

JK Freak Fest 2016

Took it to Rausch Creek for the 5th Annual JK Freak Fest.

Love the flex on this lift! This is going up Yellow Jacket. Pretty happy with how the Jeep is functioning these days.

JK Freak Fest 2014

Went to my first Freak Fest with my sn and we had a blast. I happened to have won a bumper in the raffle! It was a really nice bumper from Expedition One, but it wasn’t the bumper I really wanted. I already had OR-FAB front and rear bumpers on the JK, but they haven’t impressed me.

JCR Offroad was at Freak Fest and I have always admired their bumpers. I was able to make arrangements to have a JCR Dagger shipped to me and to have the Expedition One bumper taken off my hands. Big win!

I think we ended up with three JK Freaks hats, too.