FOR SALE: 10″ Vertical Swivel Dividing Head⁠ ⁠ Link to FB Marketplace ad in my b…

FOR SALE: 10″ Vertical Swivel Dividing Head⁠


I have for sale a Van Norman 10″ Vertical Swivel Dividing Head. 40:1 gear ratio. Has rear drive for low lead attachments (for cutting helical gears). Has a 50 taper spindle, 1-1/2″ thru bore. 10″ diameter capacity.⁠

Skinner 3 jaw chuck mounted. ⁠

Includes dividing plates (5):⁠
24-25-28-30-34-37 (x2)⁠

Also included is a tail stock (I believe it is a Brown and Sharp) that is a bit dirty.⁠

I bought this about a year ago and have never used it. The only thing I did was clean it some and take a wire wheel to the chuck and dividing plates.⁠

There are two known “issues” with it:⁠
1) there is a crack in the right rear mount. I was going to just braze this back together and then retap the hole. Doesn’t seem to affect the clamp.⁠
2) the handle for the clamp on top only has one ball end.⁠

Other than that, it operates very smoothly. No chuck key, although an appropriately sized 12 point socket does the trick.⁠

Reason why I am selling: it’s too big and too heavy for the kind of work I had planned to use it for. I bought it at auction, sight unseen. It’s 175 pounds (without the chuck). Had I known, I probably would have passed. I have no convenient means to move it around my small shop and I’m too friggin’ old anyway. ;)⁠

I am willing to build a crate or even put it on a pallet for shipping. But the buyer will have to make arrangements to have it picked up with a truck with a lift gate. Standard carrier services won’t take it being over 150 pounds. It will have to go FedEx Freight, UPS Freight or other LTL carrier. I can also ship via Fastenal to any of their locations in the EASTERN region – they won’t ship from here in Ohio to anywhere west of the Rockies.

Pick up in/Ships from 44060. You can estimate a crate that is 12 x 16 x 24 and weighs 200 pounds. Add more if a pallet is needed.

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